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Top Five Piano Games for Android

Are you interested in learning to play an instrument on your phone or tab or merely have a good time making music? Here are a list of musical instruments apps you can download on your Android phone and get started.

  1. Walk Band Multitrack Music

This app, as the name indicates, you get to play with a wide selection of instruments that you would if you were in an actual band. What makes it one of the best is that you don’t have to download individual apps to learn the instruments on the platform, that is, guitar, and keyboard and drum kit. Some of the features you can expect to find are sound plugins on each device; bass guitar, violin, metal kit, cello, and bass, only to make a few. It has 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.

  1. Piano Free

With 50 million downloads, it has a keyboard with magic tiles for music games. This free app helps you learn musical notes and keys in exciting ways that make the lessons likable and memorable. Piano free boasts as being the only realistic app with free songs made by actual musicians to be used by both beginners and other musicians. You can also sound other instruments like the violin, guitar, and accordion. There is record option to save your compositions. The game gets you playing famous melodies for your enjoyment or learning.

  1. Perfect Piano

This app has 88 key piano keyboard with single and double-row mode and allows two people to play. There are three guidance patterns and three play modes to help you select how to learn to play the thousands of favorite musical scores available on the app. You can also take part in a competition and play against other players around the world. Perfect Piano also lets you connect a USB MIDI keyboard to make the most out of the experience. This app also had 50 million downloads and counting.

  1. Piano Tiles and Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles has a mass following with over 100 million downloads on Play Store. Whether you like piano or not, you’ll just as quickly be sucked into the fun. The idea is to tap on the notes displayed accurately and score points. You can choose various music choices and have a go at playing correctly.

  1. BEAT MP3 for YouTube

BEAT MP3 is a bonus app to try out as it’s not specifically piano. With 10 million downloads, this new app lets you stream music off YouTube or use your music to play the game. The idea is to tap the notes on the screen to score points. Once you’re done, challenge the leaderboard- your reflexes will be tested because the notes will appear even faster each time. It’s the perfect way to relax or pass the time, say, like if you’re outside a Health Canada Consultants New York branch office waiting for your appointment- something that dull. It is free, but you are required to pay to unlock specific features.