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Snow, Chalet and the sight of Courchevel

Courchevel, the eastern resort of The Three Valleys, Les Trois Vallees in French, is a ski region of France. It is divided into four villages named Courchevel Le Praz, Courchevel 1550! Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850. Among the four villages, satellite villages will be a more appropriate term, as they say, Courchevel 1850 grabs the most attraction, as a tourist spot. Not that the others are any less of beauty. Each village is very different from the other one and offers a completely different experience to its visitors. On a whole, Courchevel is filled with magnificent beauty. The mountains, the snowy peaks, it is a spectacular place to visit.

Courchevel ski resort was built in the year 1946 since then many resorts are being built and Courchevel ski resort is adding more and more facilities in it. As we mentioned earlier Courchevel 1850 is the most famous tourist spot compared to the other ones and it is the frequently visited for the rich and royal people. It has some high-quality restaurants which offer a variety of foods, have spa center to relax, have nightclubs to dance and put your hair down, also has skating rink for the skaters.

Coming to the biggest attraction, the skiing. The slopes of the mountains are well prepared for the skiers and there is variety in the sharpness of peaks of the mountains. Basically, there are options for everyone be it a beginner in skiing or a well-experienced skier. Some also offer special addition for kids also so whoever is not much into skiing and just came to Courchevel for vacationing and sightseeing and to see their kids enjoy can definitely visit those places. There are so much to explore that one can really miss a lot and see very less yet have a feel of fulfillment due to the magnificent beauty of Courchevel.

The range of Chalet in Courchevel is varied and vast. it has chalets for everyone. For a bigger circle to a small family to a big joint family or a single person. The chalets are not any normal house, rather are well equipped with modern equipment and also provide full WiFi zone and also the garage for keeping the cars. So you are not at all cut off from the rest of the world and can continue doing a work or two along with holidaying. To lead the digital life and also enjoy the holiday, can be an interesting mix.

The most expensive, luxurious chalets will be found in Courchevel 1850. And if one wants more affordable chalets must consider Courchevel 1550 as the chalets there are much well-priced. So, in that case, it attracts a whole range of visitors as it not only offers a good price for staying also gives the required comfort.

Visiting a snowy mountain is a fantasy for many. Many get the privilege of visiting such spectacular places. But visiting is not enough, the most important requirement is to have a comfortable stay there. Chalet in Courchevel just offers that.


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