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Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

Who isn’t a fan of action king Jackie Chan? Even at this age, he is perhaps the fittest and most flexible action heroes in the movie industry. It was initially released for the NES in 1990. The game is an action platform game where you play the role of none other than, Jackie Chan!

In terms of the storyline, it is pretty much simple, yet connected to most Jackie Chan movies we saw growing up. The heroine (in this case, his sister) gets kidnapped and he has to rescue her. Something like Mario, you may think, but in this case, come on, it is Jackie Chan! Who wouldn’t want to be Jackie Chan, am I right?

The gameplay is very addictive for all action game lovers and this 2D action platforming game is no different. You control Jackie Chan with one button jumping, and the other attacking. Initially you will only have normal attacking powers like jump kicks, trips and punches, but you explore the game and you will come across temporary special movies like front flips, twist kicks, scissor kicks etc.. The special moves are for limited use, but you come across special moves a lot during the gameplay which lets you have these special moves throughout the game. You will definitely enjoy the variety of action moves your own Jackie Chan has and also the strategy of when to use them.

You also get to use energy balls or special crystal type balls which is limited to 5. But comes quite in handy when you are playing against the bosses in the game as it progresses. If you are an ardent fan of video games and do not use special skills or cheat codes to finish games, it would be a challenge if you do not use these special energy balls against bosses. Do tell us how you manage to finish a boss fight without using these energy balls!

In addition to fighting mechanics, the game also involves a lot of platforming elements. Like in most platforming games, you do not get to go back to previous levels if you fall through a space, in this game, it is quite interesting because if you slip and fall in some levels, it will take you back a long way! This may sound like you have to do the whole levels again, but trust us, it is worth it. You get to master the levels as well as find more hidden special skills!

The character dying in this game is difficult, however, if he does end up dead, you have a game over and will have to restart the whole game, but, if you play enough times, you learn more about the game and find ways to continue from where you got the game over, it becomes very interesting. There are a total of 5 levels and each level is broken into numerous sections. There is a lot of variety in terms of gameplay and you can experience it across the game as you keep playing.

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