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Getting Replacement Plates Was Easy

My husband and I split the household duties between the two of us. If we needed to get groceries, I went and got them. If we needed to get a guest room ready, that was my task as well. He handled buying replacement plates when we needed them, replacing the furnace filters, and taking care of the lawn. This was something that worked well for us until he had to go abroad for a year on business. He came home twice, but I was mostly on my own. I was so thankful when he finally came home, but I have to admit that I did learn a lot during that year on my own.

One of the first things I had to do was get replacement plates. He meant to take care of it before he left, but then the time for his trip was moved up almost a month. I told him I would handle because really, how hard could it be to order replacement plates? I soon found out that it was not hard at all! He told me which website to go to, and then told me that I would be able to handle it from there.

I was glad he had a lot of confidence in me, because I was not sure I had it in myself. The site I went to so I could replacement plates turned out to be very easy to use though. It walked me through all the steps, and I had them ordered within just a few minutes. It would not have taken that long if I had just trusted the process and not double checked everything. I ordered it early enough in the day that I was able to have them that same day if I wanted, but I opted for regular shipping instead. It was as simple as my husband said it would be!