The Best Vacation I Ever Had

I kept telling my wife that we needed a vacation, and she kept asking me where I wanted to go. My standard answer was how I wanted to visit a tropical island. She decided to go ahead this year and book us one of the most amazing Mykonos luxury villas on the Greek island of Mykonos right there in the Mediterranean. That is just about as perfect as you can get as far as I’m concerned. The vacation was amazing.

The best thing is that we were able to bring our eight kids with us. I told you I needed a vacation. Not from the kids, but from the day to day grind. My wife actually deals with all the daily issues better than me, and I am a pretty calm kind of guy. The kids had an amazing time. My wife and I enjoyed our time at the villa and our visits to town to try out every Greek restaurant we could find. There is nothing like having traditional Greek food that is also authentic Greek food made by real Greeks.

The villa was simply stunning. We had more than enough room, laundry service was available and we pretty much wanted for nothing the entire vacation. I don’t think we could have had any more fun than we did. We had room for 14 in our villa on Mykonos, and we brought another couple with their two kids. I would recommend this type of vacation over one where you have to spread people out in different hotel rooms and try to coordinate getting together. We were able to stay together right there in the villa. These Mykonos luxury villas are so much fun and have plenty of room to bring along your entire family. You could book one for a work team too.

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